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Sponsor Spotlight

Below you will find all of the amazing sponsors with links to their websites. I cannot thank them enough for the support they provide.  I know each of their contributions are what help me perform at my best! 

Please take a minute and explore all the amazing options and show them some love also. I'm sure if you have taken a trip with me you have used many of the products they provide.  Don't forget to let them know I sent you!

Clam logo_Blue Horizontal.jpg

Aqua-Vu "the original underwater camera" is my first choice to ensure critical information is right at my finger tips.  They have the most durable and user friendly cameras and accessories on the market today.  The Micro Revolution Pro 5.0 is my choice for underwater cameras.  It's small compact size easily fits in the compartment of my boat and in my pocket when on the ice. Its quick deployment and retrieval system makes this my go to 365 days a year!

Check out their entire line here!

Blackfish is the gear that helps me stay cool on those hot days of fishing.  As stated directly from their website "Blackfish utilizes industry-leading technology, quality materials and custom design engineering. As anglers ourselves, we know what works and what doesn't. So we've produced a line of clothing that is unmatched in quality and unlike anything else in the outdoors".

Check out their entire line here!

Clam is one of those companies that has something for everyone. They constantly innovate and provide products that will ensure you are ready for your next adventure.   From shelters to tackle they've got it all!  I personally use the Clam Big Foot XL4000T, Clam Legend XL Ice Team and Clam X200 Pro Thermal ice fishing shelters to ensure a warm and comfortable day on the ice.  I also use a wide variety of the lures that they have to offer! I know that with the partnership with Clam I have the right gear to keep your day a success.  

Check out their entire line here!


Larson's Quality Jigs provides tungsten jigs and spoons that I trust day in and day out from bluegills to walleye. The finish on these jigs will not disappoint and have a glow that will last for days. I know when using these jigs and spoons I will get those finicky fish to bite and more often then not out fish my partner. These jigs will surely impress you and they are made right here in Minnesota!

Check out their entire line here!


Macula tackle, patented by Corey Bechtold to help fishermen thread their line and tie a knot quickly and easily through the eyelet. What started as a simple solution grew to become a successful family business and a platform to inspire others in the fishing industry to fight the fish NOT the tackle.

Check out their entire line here!

010 - Bird Logo.png

Vexilar is one of those fishing innovations that flat out changed the game.  You will not find me on the water or ice without mine. I personally use the FLX-28, FL-18 and the tried and true FL-8 model. The use of the flasher technology that every model comes with will enhance your ability to find and catch fish no matter the conditions. 

Check out their entire line here!


The goal at TFO is to provide anglers the tools that are properly fit to meet their needs, designed to last a lifetime, but won’t empty their pocketbooks. For more than two decades this idea has led TFO to design fishing rods recognized for optimizing the balance between performance and price by focusing on High End Performance, Sophisticated and elegant designs, NO unnecessary accouterments that add expense and cost. 

I'm proud to be running TFO rods exclusively as I know this is a fishing rod that will help provide the customer experience you've come to expect with MQO. It's a lightweight, sensitive, durable rod that will yield many years of service and also be a rod that you the clients of MQO can purchase a rod you would be proud to own without going bankrupt. 

Check out their entire line here!

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