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Panfish Trips

Thank you for looking into a Guided Panfish trip. I provide Crappie and Bluegill fishing trips from the time the ice is off the lakes until June and again from October-December. Panfishing is so much fun its hard to describe. The times of the year that I offer this trip the fish are schooled up by the hundreds and even thousands. It will surely be a great time. We will use many different techniques during these times such as jigs, bobbers and even trolling. I will teach you as much or as little as you want or need. Just like all the other trips this is a Fully Guided trip meaning, your rods, tackle, bait and any other fishing equipment you may need with be provided.  


Trip costs and booking information:

4 hour trip $350 - up to two people 

8 hour trip $500 - up to two people

** $50 for each additional person**

Fish cleaning services:

If you choose to keep your catch please understand that Selective Harvest practices will be used and all MN Fishing Laws and Regulations will be strictly followed.

“I could not believe how quick we got on the fish and when we did WOW they were stacked up thick. I caught the first fish within seconds of dropping my jig down. My family was very excited for a wonderful fish fry. - Chris  .”

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